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 By Sarah Brubeck

Valley News Staff Writer

Monday, May 6, 2013 

(Published in print: Monday, May 6, 2013)


West Lebanon — Heidi Gouger, of Swanzey, N.H., held the stock of a shotgun against her right shoulder and aimed at an orange clay target as it flew through the sky.


Gouger missed the target, which fell to the ground and crumbled to pieces.


“No, I don’t like it. I don’t even want to fire it again,” Gouger said as she handed the firearm to her instructor.


Gouger was more than five dozen women who signed up for the first-ever Ladies Only Range Day at the Grafton County Fish and Game Association range off Trues Brook Road in West Lebanon.


The idea came to fruition when Bill LaPan and his wife, Stacia, were having lunch with female friends and told them how much like they like to shoot trap.

Her friends’ interests were piqued, but said they would be intimidated to shoot with men around.


So the range day for women was born. The event was free and club members donated ammunition and their time. The day was split into three stations: handguns, rifles and shotguns. LaPan was expecting 10 to 15 women to sign up, but yesterday, 62 women were prepared to shoot.


By the end of the day yesterday, LaPan and other club members were already making plan for the women-only range day.


Many attendees, including Sandi Gould, of Plainfield, signed up yesterday because she didn’t want her husband to teach her.


“It’s like when you try to teach your kid how to drive. It doesn’t work,” Gould said. “But when somebody else teaches your kid to drive, it works.”



In N.H., hunters can share the harvest

Posted by bdutton

Posted on 08:54, Monday, October 1

 By Bill Biswanger, Sun Outdoors Writer

Another great week is ahead of us and another great week just past us. If you're a sportsman or a leaf peeper now is your time.

The states of New Hampshire and Maine are now open for deer hunting. It's not for firearms but archery only. I already heard from Aaron Lewis, who hunted the Calis, Maine area and scored on a 120-pound doe on opening morning.

This should be a great fall season for wild turkey and deer. The acorn crop is very good and where you find acorns you're going to find turkey and deer competing for the same food.

New Hampshire hunters can share their fall harvest with the needy through the "Hunt for the Hungry" program at the New Hampshire Food Bank. Once again this fall, the food bank is collecting donations of whole or processed game animals for distribution to more than 400 food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters and group homes statewide.

Last year, the Hunt for the Hungry program took in 2,000 pounds of donated deer, bear, moose and other game meat for distribution to the needy.

Read more:http://www.lowellsun.c...t#ixzz283juWzFW

Do American Women Need Guns?

Posted by bdutton

Posted on 14:42, Monday, July 30

 Self-Defense Pro Paxton Quigley Says Yes


As the debate over gun control rages in the wake of the Colorado shootings, one self-defense expert tells Abigail Pesta that handguns play an important role in society: they stop rape.


Paxton Quigley remembers the moment she decided to get a gun. It was more than two decades ago, when a female friend in Los Angeles called her late one night with some terrible news. A stranger had broken into her home through a bathroom window. She had called 911, but the police had arrived too late—a half hour after a brutal rape.

“I asked my friend, ‘If you’d had a gun, do you think you could have stopped the attacker?’” Quigley recalls. “She said yes.”




State-of-the-Art Indoor Firing Range Opens in Hinsdale NH

Posted by bdutton

Posted on 10:01, Tuesday, December 14

 State-of-the-Art Indoor Firing Range Opens in Hinsdale NH

Hinsdale NH - Tri-State Firearms opens their stat-of-the-art indoor firing range to the public on December 4th, 2010. “The range brings people into a safer environment to shoot,” says co-owner Eric White. Tri-State Firearms is teaming up the the Green Mountain gun Show on December 4th and 5th, 2010 where they will be offering free tours and liver fire shooting. “Tri-State Firearms is a center for education, safety and fun, says co-owner Patrick Donahue.

Open 7 day a week, the 25 yard indoor firing range also offer a full-time firearms store, full-time archery store, indoor archery range, martial arts school and members lounge. Tri-State Firearms founders Eric White and Patrick Donahue are NRA certified instructors, NRA certified range officers, and NRA certified in range development.

This spring, 2011, Tri-State Firearms celebrates its official grand opening festival. To sign up for a membership or for more information on Tri-state Firearms, please call 603-336-8940, visit their web site at or stop by their full-service store at 243 Monument Road in Hinsdale, NH.

Marc Folco's "Open Season": Video doesn't speak for all gun owners

Posted by bdutton

Posted on 06:04, Sunday, July 25

Marc Folco's "Open Season": Video doesn't speak for all gun owners

There's a video on YouTube by Citizens for Safety featuring James Mathes and a young woman attempting to dupe the public into believing they are speaking on behalf of all hunters and gun owners.

(Link to video)

Mathes says he's the hunter and gun owner and the woman says she's a gun owner and that they are in support of the Governor's foolish one-gun-a-month bill (H.4102). The video is so full of bull dust, you have to put a clothespin on your nose when you watch it. Don't be fooled by these imposters.

Mathes says, "I'm 'the' guy who owns guns, I'm 'the' guy who hunts," implying that he's our spokesman and that his opinion is mainstream and the norm. Maybe he hunts and owns a gun or two but he's not "the" average hunter or gun owner — not by a long shot. He's not speaking on behalf of the hunting and shooting community and he's not our poster boy by any stretch of the imagination.


Scott Brown for Senate

Posted by bdutton

Posted on 12:09, Wednesday, January 13

As you know, there is a special election next Tuesday, January 19 for the Massachusetts Senate seat vacated by the late Ted Kennedy.

What may turn out fo be truly historic is Scott Brown has come out of nowhere and could win the race against Martha Coakley.

If elected, Scott Brown would be the 41st vote in the Senate that could bring a halt to the socialist agenda of the far left Democrat and Obama administration.

A recent poll by Rassmussen showed Brown has pulled into a statistical dead heat of 49% (Coakley) to 47% (Brown).  Less than a week ago, he was down by 9 points!

In the televised debates Coakly has proven just how far out of touch with reality she is by saying that the Taliban are no longer in Afghanistan.  Her staffers when so far as to rough up a Weekly Standard reporter trying to ask her a follow up question about this idiotic position.

Coakley has been courting Health Care lobbyists to raise money for her flailing campaign.  Makes you wonder what these big pharmacueticals and insurance companies have to lose by preserving the health care reform bill that sits in the balance if Scott Brown is elected.

Please get out and voteDonateVolunteer.

Elect Scott Brown!

Pembroke family NRA day a success

Posted by bdutton

Posted on 08:14, Friday, October 2

Pembroke family NRA day a success

Pembroke - At the Old Colony Sportsmen’s Association, George Wilson hopes to put all the negative connotations aside about guns.

In fact, he refuses to address them as “weapons.”

“They are firearms,” he said, standing by the shooting range where a host of young residents lined up to learn how to shoot various firearms. “We need a more positive image of the shooting sports. Shooting sports are a tremendous activity that you can do all your life. What other sport can you participate in for your entire life?”

Wilson took a step back and walked up and down the row of guns where kids as young as 13 were being taught how to aim and fire rifles.

He paused to inform shooters that the targets needed to be set-up, as members of the club ran out onto the range and spray painted circular targets with bright orange spray paint.

When they returned, one volunteer handed Wilson an emptied orange canister. Wilson looked at the volunteer and made sure everyone was off the range.

The volunteer gave Wilson the thumbs-up for firing.