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Scott Brown for Senate

Posted by bdutton

Posted on 12:09, Wednesday, January 13

As you know, there is a special election next Tuesday, January 19 for the Massachusetts Senate seat vacated by the late Ted Kennedy.

What may turn out fo be truly historic is Scott Brown has come out of nowhere and could win the race against Martha Coakley.

If elected, Scott Brown would be the 41st vote in the Senate that could bring a halt to the socialist agenda of the far left Democrat and Obama administration.

A recent poll by Rassmussen showed Brown has pulled into a statistical dead heat of 49% (Coakley) to 47% (Brown).  Less than a week ago, he was down by 9 points!

In the televised debates Coakly has proven just how far out of touch with reality she is by saying that the Taliban are no longer in Afghanistan.  Her staffers when so far as to rough up a Weekly Standard reporter trying to ask her a follow up question about this idiotic position.

Coakley has been courting Health Care lobbyists to raise money for her flailing campaign.  Makes you wonder what these big pharmacueticals and insurance companies have to lose by preserving the health care reform bill that sits in the balance if Scott Brown is elected.

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Elect Scott Brown!