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About the Site

Bill DuttonThanks for visiting the site.

This site is dedicated to the pistol sports. Bullseye in particular because that is where my passion lies. But I do encourage people who are interested in other pistol shooting sports to visit and even share their information on the site.

The site uses software called phpwebsite (version 1.5.2). The software enables me to build a clean and consistent website with the ability of approved logged in members to add information to the site.

For example, ANYONE can add an event. It will appear after an admin has reveiwed it. Special users can even upload results of matches to the Match Results pages.

There is a built in RSS feed from the NRA on the main page which links the latest firearm news.

The Blog is even RSS enabled so that you can embed the feed in your browser or website.

The clasroom is a great place to learn more about the shooting sports.

There is a photo album available and privileged users can upload your pictures to the site.

The download section has some interestign and useful tools to improve your game.

Some of you may already know me. I'm Bill Dutton and I've been shooting Bullseye since 1995. I've become an accomplished shooter having won my share of State and Regional matches. By no means am I about to challenge Zins for the top spot in Bullseye though. So thanks again for visiting and hope to see you on the range!


Bill Dutton

Editor and owner of